The Finnish Health in Teens study — Fin-HIT is a prospective school-based cohort study including approximately 11,000 Finnish adolescents aged 9–12 years at enrolment across densely populated areas of Finland. The cohort will be followed at least for 25 years. The study is conducted at Folkhälsan Research Center.

The collected research data is linked to national health registers to obtain an objective insight into adolescents’ health. We will apply multidisciplinary approaches in our studies engaging genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, nutrition, exercise medicine, and population health.

The objectives of the Fin-HIT study are to explore non-conventional determinants for weight and weight gain in modern society; to investigate etiology of weight-related health outcomes; and to understand underlying molecular mechanisms involved in the origin and development of obesity and related health outcomes.

Have a look at some of the study results on the video below.