Research group

The Fin-HIT Study is coordinated at the Folkhälsan Research Center in Helsinki. The study is led by Docent Heli Viljakainen. The research group consists of members whose specialties are in genetics, microbiology, epidemiology, statistics, public health, nutrition science and exercise medicine.

Members of the Research Group


Heli Viljakainen
Group Leader
Docent (nutrition), University of Helsinki

Rejane Figueiredo

Trine B. Rounge

Sajan Raju
Bioinformatician, PhD student

Jannina Viljakainen
PhD student

Elina Engberg

Catharina Sarkkola
Research Coordinator

Sohvi Lommi
PhD student

Folkhälsan Research Centre

The Folkhälsan Research Center, located in Helsinki, focuses on biomedical and health science research organized in three research programs, the Genetics Research Program, the Preventive Medicine Research Program, and the Public Health Research Program. Fin-HIT belongs to the field of genetic epidemiology which is a part of Genetic Research Program. The number of scientists and other personnel affiliated with the Center is approximately 200.